Hello, I'm Sylvia. I like to hack on things.

In my spare time I love to contribute to Free Software and enjoy music, especially within the realms of Free Culture and non-mainstream styles.

I currently study Software Development at Avans and run a small web-hosting company. Check out my résumé in English or Dutch.


Pext 2017-03-30 OMGUbuntu Pext is an extendable Python-based tool that’s a little hard to explain…

 Me  2016-12-07 Florent Revest AsteroidOS - Alpha 1.0 Release see acknowledgements

Pext 2016-08-23 MakeUseOf How to Use Pass, the Ultimate Open-Source Password Manager see bottom of page

Current projects

ContraCode - A freedom-respecting web-hosting and web design company, running as libre as reasonably possible

Pext - A Python-based application that can load modules on runtime to do right about anything that can be expressed in a search field with a list

For more, check out my GitHub or NotABug


Active AsteroidOS - A Free Software smartwatch OS
    Managing Weblate and F-Droid, previously added i18n support

Active F-Droid - A Free Software “app store” for Android, providing only Free Software
    Managing official AsteroidOS build

Kontalk - A Free Software WhatsApp replacement
    Managing translations, community support

Red Eclipse - A Free Software arena shooter
    Design, testing and support

Contact me

Freenode (IRC) - SylvieLorxu (authed as TheLastProject)

OFTC (IRC) - SylvieLorxu (authed as SylvieLorxu)

Matrix - @SylvieLorxu:matrix.org

    Megolm Keys

        Desktop (MPKVHHPJMI): UaID7fyoz+LBIcrJmAz2DVgEv8aLSpKjb/eBgV5H2N8

        Laptop (PKQRDDEBHN): oFWXwiJIfb8Ux0+8pBC2WWxWnDhY9fgbjPwlhssqR58

        Android (LKDDHBUCWW): w2pMtgAeGEE2/+CQYjTSFo95P+ZUSiiuNPVY77xQDBk (updated 2017-03-05)

XMPP - mlatylorxu@neko.im

    OMEMO Keys

        Desktop: CA71095A F7717C54 241E265A 12896E66 F85B53B2 226B5140 3111E0C5 F26C1A75

        Laptop: FEECF237 7C453EF1 EF03BE47 E1ADD691 FE6BB3C3 2AA555BD 55FB3580 CE150C71

        Android: A1B783C7 F0E7F805 C511DB93 221FEB14 48BFE4F2 47D798D7 BB098DCC 296DF949 (updated 2017-03-05)

Email - sylvia@hackerchick.me

When contacting me, please tell me how you found me, or you may be ignored.