Hello, I'm Sylvia. I like to hack on things.

In my spare time I love to contribute to Free Software, play video games and listen to music (primarily Metal and Electronic).

Check out my GitHub, Twitter or LinkedIn to see what I've been up to.


Open Source 101 (July 2019)


 Me  2020-01-22 Mycroft Meeting Our Community - @TheLastProject interview from the Mycroft team

Pext 2018-10-08 TheAssassin Pext: new and improved AppImage

Pext 2018-08-17 Hacker News Pext: Python Extendable Tool reached frontpage and caused Pext to reach GitHub Daily Trending

Pext 2017-03-30 OMGUbuntu Pext is an extendable Python-based tool that's a little hard to explain…

 Me  2016-12-07 Florent Revest AsteroidOS - Alpha 1.0 Release see acknowledgements

Pext 2016-08-23 MakeUseOf How to Use Pass, the Ultimate Open-Source Password Manager see bottom of page

Contact me

Freenode (IRC) - SylvieLorxu (authed as TheLastProject)

OFTC (IRC) - SylvieLorxu (authed as SylvieLorxu)

Matrix - @SylvieLorxu:matrix.org

    Megolm Keys

        Key: tIzJ 2gcT ZsIF KL+L BRKq +l3o STV/ aMd8 k9TK OFe8 g9Q
        Type: Laptop (Fedora)

        Key: oIBG ErhN 6u0o Cc5h /Fve pfxJ wvz4 PJf/ DK4M Nwcf sRQ
        Type: Phone (Fairphone 3)

Telegram - Lorxu

Email - sylvia@hackerchick.me

When contacting me, please tell me how you found me, or you may be ignored.